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Telling African Stories...

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“Ada Animation” an

innovative African animation
studio hub with a mission to develop top-tier  animators across Africa and the globe at large,  providing young and ambitious animators with the necessary skills, tools, mentorship, and platforms to create and share African stories with Africa
and the world.

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"We have a unique opportunity to fabricate a platform  that encourages young creators to CREATE more than they CONSUME when it comes to content and creatives."

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Our vision is to build a thriving animation industry that will create employment for the youth and catalyze immense wealth creation opportunities.

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Ada Animation Studios is an emerging player in the animation industry. We are one of the leading animation studios in Kenya. We provide services in many disciplines including 3D animation, 2D animation, VFX. We specialize in offering production services that are suitable for various platforms like television, film, mobile, games – for marketing & advertising purposes.

We pride ourselves in painting a unique picture on a blank canvas and dreaming up creatives content pieces. That’s why the animators we work with are among the best in Kenya, experienced in 3D animation, traditional 2D, Vector 2D, and motion graphics.

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Our passionate team of motion graphics designers empowers you to tell great stories for your business. We believe it's only when you tell great stories you become one. We enable you to stand out with a unique visual brand identity and get the attention your business deserves.

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We aim to serve you with a risk-free solution for high-quality animated content. Our scriptwriting team offers well throughout, fleshed out original ideas, and equally have quick turnaround time as far as revisions are concerned. We strive to give you the client, peace of mind by adding an incredible amount of value.

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Ada Animation Bootcamp is a program that looks to groom and grow animation talent, not just in Kenya but in Africa and the globe at large. With a vast array of mentors with immense talent and experience in the lab – our aim is to mentor the conceptualization, development, and actualizing of cutting-edge animation for entertainment consumption and commercialization.

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